shale gas in 1 hour and 43 minutes

Since 1948, more than 3,300 wells have been drilled in Dutch soil. Resulting in the earthquakes in Groningen in 2014. Shale gas extraction potentially involves drilling more than 10,000 new wells in a short period of time. According to proponents of drilling for (shale) gas, you should stay away from fault lines. So why was a permit for the municipality of Boxtel, located on a fault line, applied for and granted anyway?

And why are so many municipalities, provinces, (water) companies and citizens protesting shale gas extraction? Is shale gas a curse or a blessing? Shale Gas in 1 hour and 43 minutes provides a clear overview of the pros and cons of shale gas extraction. More and more people are becoming involved in this issue, but few are fully informed. This book changes that. Six months after this book appeared, the government decided not to allow drilling for shale gas.

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