The books of Rolf Heynen

In recent years, two books have been written by Rolf. In 2015, ‘Schaliegas in 1 uur en 43 minuten’ (Shale Gas in 1 Hour and 43 Minutes) was published, and in 2022, he released his hopeful book ‘Het kan dus wél’ (Yes, It Can Be Done). Currently, Rolf is working on his third book in collaboration with Professor of Toxicology Jacob de Boer.

Books are only available in Dutch.

The books of Rolf Heynen

Het kan dus wél (NL)

Yes, it can be done

Humanity faces a monumental question today: can we still turn the tide, and if so, is it still possible in time? Additionally, how can we unite to confront the climate crisis, both on a political and societal level? These questions are crucial, and at the same time, they are so immense that they can be paralyzing for many people.

Book of Rolf Heynen

Schaliegas in 1 uur en 43 minuten (NL)

Shale gas in 1 hour and 43 minutes 

Since 1948, over 3,300 wells have been drilled in the Dutch soil, resulting in earthquakes in Groningen in 2014. In the extraction of shale gas, potentially more than 10,000 new wells could be drilled in a short period. According to supporters of drilling for (shale) gas, one should stay away from fault lines. Why, then, has a permit been applied for and granted to the municipality of Boxtel, located on a fault line?

Vergiftigd (NL)


As a consumer, you trust that the products you eat, drink, use, and offer to your children and surroundings are safe. You trust that companies do not poison you, but act morally in the interest of the customer. If they fail to do so, there is a government that intervenes. Unfortunately, companies and governments have been letting us down for decades, with increasingly severe consequences.