ontdek de toekomst met Rolf Heynen als inspirerende keynote spreker

About Rolf Heynen

Who is Rolf Heynen?

Rolf Heynen (1979) is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and executive in the sustainable (energy) sector. Over the past fifteen years, he founded several successful sustainable businesses, published two books, and writes columns for (inter)national newspapers and trade journals on sustainability and energy transitions.

Mission for sustainability

How do we collectively ensure that our society, businesses, and all households truly become sustainable, allowing both humanity and nature to thrive? This issue runs like a common thread through Rolf’s personal and professional life. Thanks to his enthusiasm and the practical tools he provides to everyone, it’s impossible not to contribute to his mission.

Rolf Heynen


In his role as director, Rolf, as a sustainability specialist, advises and inspires organizations in their operations and guides them toward a sustainable way of doing business. For example, Rolf is actively involved as a director of the Aruna Foundation.

For an installation are the same everywhere. In Europe, each country has its own (quality) requirements for an installation. This leads to unsafe situations, delays and higher costs. We want to solve that with the Aruna Foundation .

Rolf Heynen


In recent years, Rolf founded several companies around his expertise and field of interest. All of these companies are focused on sustainability and provide guidance, support and advice around sustainability, the (energy) transition sector, for both business and consumers

Dutch new energy research

In 2013, Rolf founded Dutch New Energy Research, the renewable energy market research firm, known for studies such as: Dutch Solar Quarterly, National Solar Trend Report, National Heat Pump Trend Report, National Heat Grid Trend Report and the National Smart Storage Trend Report.

North Holland Energy Cooperative

In 2008, Rolf was responsible for building North Holland Energy Cooperative and focused entirely on the operational side of the organization, from branding and organization to strategy and licensing.

Good! Events & Media

With his company Good! Events & Media Rolf organized several trade shows, conferences and events, including Solar Solutions, LED & Electrical, Sustainable Heating, Smart Storage and the House & Energy consumer fair. Under Good! Events and Media, Rolf and his associates also started Solar365 and Warmte365.

Rolf Heynen


In recent years, two books came from Rolf’s hand. In 2015, he published “Shale Gas in 1 Hour and 43 Minutes,” and in 2022, he released his hopeful book, “So It Can Be Done. Rolf is currently working on his third book, in collaboration with professor of toxicology Jacob de Boer.

Rolf Heynen

in the media

Rolf regularly shares his experiences, findings and message of hope in the media. He joins podcast broadcasts, publishes columns and opinion pieces in (international) newspapers, and interviews are regularly published in various professional journals.