Changing the future in one generation

How do we do that?


Changing the future in one generation

“To create a clean, healthy, and stable earth in one generation,” that is Rolf Heynen‘s mission.

As an entrepreneur, executive, speaker, and author, Rolf has become an integral part of the sustainability world. “We have caused most of the problems in one generation, so we can collectively solve them in one generation,” says Rolf. With his “1% rule,” he aims to improve one percent each day in his own life and work, encouraging everyone to do the same.

Rolf Heynen

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Creating a clean, healthy and stable earth in one generation. How do we do that? On this crucial question, the audience receives both an answer and practical tools to implement immediately, both within business and at home. With his ‘1% rule,’ Rolf demonstrates that every step—no matter how small—is one in the right, sustainable direction.

Themes of Rolf’s lectures and workshops

Rolf focuses his attention during various workshops and keynotes on the following themes:

  • It can be done: the four major crises and the solutions
  • Sustainability transitions, just as (un)ordinary as all transitions.
  • The energy transition: history, trends, technologies, and the future.
  • Solar energy as the answer to climate change.
  • The resource crisis in perspective
  • Poisoned: how we are surrounded by toxic substances and how do we get rid of them?

Discover the future of sustainability with Rolf as your inspirational keynote speaker.


Rolf Heynen

Rolf Heynen (1979) is an entrepreneur, speaker, author and director/commissioner in the sustainable (energy) sector. Over the past fifteen years, he founded several successful sustainable businesses, published two books, and writes columns for (inter)national newspapers and trade journals on sustainability and energy transitions.

Heynen is not the most obvious candidate to tell the sustainable story to a wide audience. He used to not be into school and reading, let alone sustainability. Sports had more of his interest. That led to him becoming a truly learned his trade and started working as an electrician in Eindhoven.


“Rolf was a pleasant speaker. We were very satisfied both in the preparation and on-site. Rolf arrived on time, was very professional in his communication, and delivered a compelling story that makes you reflect. The personal touch, in particular, made it a successful presentation. Once again, thank you for your contribution to our event!”

Foundation Pension Fund for Medical Specialists (SPMS)

“Rolf is a pleasant and clear speaker. He conveys his story/message in a way that both a layperson and a specialist can understand. A narrative with a clear message that none of us should or can afford to miss! With Rolf, we collectively reflected on what we are currently doing in the world, the decisions we make, or the things we have been doing for decades on autopilot. Change must come, focusing on sustainable solutions, and above all, cherishing our world.”

HVC Group

“A refreshing and optimistic perspective on climate issues without sacrificing urgency.”

Tineke Onink, Board Member Kinderopvang Morgen

“After reading Rolf’s book ‘It can be done,’ I was curious for more. Rolf has knowledge about various sustainability topics and discusses them in an enjoyable manner. The acquired knowledge was valuable and has been applied to a sustainability project as part of the Advanced Management Program at Nyenrode. Both the book and a presentation by Rolf are highly recommended!”

Knauf Insulation
Saskia Putter

“I asked Rolf to teach the participants of my course ‘Vision of the Future’ in one day that, technologically, we can solve the sustainability issue, which processes hinder progress, and that we can trust that we will solve the problem. Rolf has done this excellently in terms of content, and his presentation style—calm, easy to follow, enjoyable to listen to—was very pleasant. Rolf is definitely recommended!”

Wouter Kalf
Core lecturer in Vision of the Future, AOG School of Management

“Rolf is knowledgeable about various sustainability themes and discusses them in a pleasant manner.”

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Discover the future of sustainability with Rolf as your inspirational keynote speaker. Turn despair into hope and inspire your audience with practical steps toward a more sustainable future.